Final New Network

Public feedback on the Draft Recommended Network, presented to the public from March to June 2022, showed that a strong majority of County residents thought the new network would be better for the County overall and better for their own lives. Of the many respondents to the survey and at public meetings there was agreement that the improved frequency of service on key corridors and better evening and weekend service would be valuable and useful to County residents. Nevertheless, we've incorporated even more comments and improvements to the Draft Network Plan into our Final New Network. Many residents expressed concerns about loss of service on some corridors, so County staff and the consultant team have revised the network and now present the Final New Network for Suffolk County. This New Network would have major benefits for most residents in Suffolk County and would provide better access to jobs and key destinations for people traveling to and from Suffolk County.

Major Features and Benefits of the Final New Network

The Final New Network would:

  • Offer timed connections at seven (7) locations across the County to reduce wait times, strengthen connections to the LIRR and get people to their destinations faster
  • Fix long-standing on-time performance and reliability issues
  • Make the Southampton On-Demand Pilot Permanent
  • Introduce a new On-Demand Zone for East Hampton/Amagansett/Montauk
  • Provide increased half-hourly service on most routes
  • Increase the number of jobs the average resident can reach within an hour of their front door by 51%
  • Put more than 40% of residents and more than 50% of job sites within 1/2 mile of a high frequency route
  • Increase job access for Residents Without Cars by 53%
  • Increase job access for Low-Income Residents by 60%
  • Increase job access for Residents of Color by 68%
  • More than double the number of people and jobs that are near service that comes every 30 minutes or better all day.

To address concerns about loss of service, the Final New Network includes key changes and additions to ensure coverage of certain corridors. The changes incorporated in the Final New Network include:

  • Restoration of Route 62 from Smith Haven Mall to Riverhead via Sound Avenue (Hwy 25A) largely serving the same trips as the existing S62.
  • Realignment and extension of proposed Route 5 to serve Hauppauge, Smithtown, and Smith Haven Mall, providing a one-seat ride with 30-minute service from Smith Haven to Hauppauge.
    • In connection with this change, the proposed Route 58 has been realigned to follow Smithtown Bypass (Hwy 347) from Smith Haven Mall to Hauppauge.
  • Restoration of proposed Route 3 from Babylon to Wyandanch to Walt Whitman Mall via Five Towns College. This would largely follow Route S23 and operate every 60 minutes all day, seven days a week.
  • Service to Brookhaven Town Hall via the new southern branch of the 52 (52B).
  • Restoration of modified 8A, renamed Route 80, with frequency increased to every 60 minutes, seven days a week.
  • Increasing proposed Route 66 to every 30 minutes for its entire length from Patchogue to Riverhead and extending the route to Riverhead Railroad Station and Peconic Bay Medical Center.
  • Extension of Route 77 to Bellport and addition of peak service to Horseblock Road and Yaphank Avenue via new Route 77Y.
  • Restoration of Route 15, a summer-time special route to Robert Moses State Park, effectively the same as existing Route S47.

Click here for the Final Bus Network Map, and click here for the Final Bus Network Presentation.

The map below shows the county-wide bus network in the Final New Network. Red lines are routes that run every 30 minutes. Dark blue lines are routes that run every 60 minutes, and light blue lines run beyond 60 minute intervals. Light blue areas show where on-demand transit services would operate.

The map below shows the Existing county-wide bus network in the same color scheme.

Existing county-wide bus network

Evening and Weekend Service

The changes to the bus network are not limited to new route designs and higher frequency. In fact, some of the most important changes involve the extension of evening and weekend service on all routes to better align with riders' work schedules and commute patterns.

The map below shows the new county-wide Sunday bus network:

Final Network Sunday

And the map below shows the existing county-wide Sunday bus network:

Existing Sunday Transit Network

Finally, the map below shows the new county-wide nighttime bus network:

Final Network Late Night

And the map below shows the existing nighttime bus network:

Existing Network Latenight


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