Bus Rapid Transit

Suffolk County, New York

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

Bus Rapid Transit is a bus-based public transport system designed to improve capacity and reliability relative to a conventional bus system. BRT aims to combine the capacity and speed of a train with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system.

There are a number of distinguishing features of a Bus Rapid Transit system that deliver greater speed and convenience over a traditional bus transit system including:

  • buses that travel in bus-only lanes and get priority traffic signaling
  • routes with more frequent, regularly-scheduled service to major destinations for less stop-and-go travel
  • platform-style boarding, pre-paid fare cards and electronic passes to reduce boarding times
  • Automated Vehicle Location (AVL) system that tracks the location of buses and allows passengers to follow the bus on their smart phone
  • Connection to transit hubs for multimodal transportation, e.g., other bus systems, railways, airports, etc.
  • Biking and hiking trails adjacent to BRT routes.
  • and more.

BRT is good for all types of commuters, our environment, our economy and ALL the residents of Suffolk County. BRT increases transit access to and from major activity centers as well as improves north-south mobility. BRT passengers arrive faster – avoiding traffic and helping to reduce road congestion. Fewer cars on the road means less stress and greenhouse emissions for a healthier place to live.

BRT systems help give rise to vibrant transit-oriented developments that offer affordable housing, attractive retail space and rich cultural experiences. BRT enhances collaboration between education and research institutions and businesses, which creates more jobs and economic growth. Increased employment opportunities help to keep the future of Long Island – our young students and workers – here and to create an innovative and sustainable economy.

The Suffolk County BRT Feasibility Study completed in 2014 identified three preferred/priority North/South corridors:

For more information on Bus Rapid Transit, visit the BRT Resources


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