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What is the Reimagine Transit Initiative?

Reimagine Transit is an initiative that builds on the Connect LI regional transportation and development plan and the Suffolk County Mobility Study, to redesign Suffolk County’s fixed-route bus network and likely identify opportunities for the use of new tools, like on-demand transit services. The Reimagine Transit initiative is led by the Suffolk County Economic Development and Planning Department, in partnership with the Department of Public Works, supported by a consultant team led by Jarrett Walker + Associates that includes Public Works Partners LLC and Creighton Manning.

What are the goals of this initiative?

This initiative aims to examine and redesign the entire network of routes to better align the County’s transit services with its larger goals and priorities, develop a resilient system that makes use of new transit service approaches and technologies, and ensure that the County is making the best use of its resources.

How is this project related to the larger Connect LI initiative?

Connect Long Island, a major component of the Framework for the Future - Suffolk County Comprehensive Master Plan 2035, is Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone’s regional transportation and development plan to promote long-term economic progress in Suffolk County. This project supports the Connect LI initiative’s goal of building a modern transportation system that improves transportation options for residents, commuters and visitors.

How can I share my thoughts and get involved?

As we implement the Final New Network Plan in 2023, we want to hear from you on how we can improve roll-out. Please contact or call (631) 853-4800 with any questions or feedback and we will get back to you ASAP!

How long will this initiative take?

Reimagine Transit Initiative was launched in September 2020 and is expected to be rolled-out in the Fall of 2023.

Will my bus route / access to transit be changed or eliminated as a result of this initiative?

As part of the Reimagine Transit Initiative, some bus routes will be altered or replaced in order to improve the bus systems’ usefulness and accessibility for a wider range of residents across the county. Please refer to the Final New Network map to see changes in specific routes segments. While individual bus stops and routes may be changed, the Suffolk County Transit system will, as a whole, see an increase in accessibility and reliability. Specifically, it is estimated that the average number of jobs accessible within 60 minutes via the bus system will increase by 51% (an increase of over 9,000 jobs) for all residents. Additionally, all new routes will operate on the weekend and will operate during the work week until 10 pm. This system will enhance reliability and convenience for a large portion of Suffolk County residents.

What is the current status of the Reimagine Transit Initiative?

With the publication of the Final New Network Plan in December 2022, the Reimagine Transit Initiative has transitioned into the implementation phase of the effort. Suffolk County is currently working on neighborhood-level maps for key locations along the new routes, updated routes descriptions and conceptual layouts of new Transit Hub locations, which will be key transfer locations. Additional community outreach on the new network will be conducted, with the final implementation of the new network expected in the Fall of 2023.

What are the benefits of the Final New Network Plan?

The Final New Network is envisioned to lead to the following benefits for all Suffolk County residents:

  • Extend evening and weekend service system-wide to match new commute patterns
  • ffer timed connections at seven (7) locations across the County to reduce wait times, strengthen connections to the LIRR and get people to their destinations faster
  • Fix long-standing on-time performance and reliability issues
  • Make the Southampton On-Demand Pilot Permanent
  • Introduce a new On-Demand Zone for East Hampton/Amagansett/Montauk Provide increased half-hourly service on most routes Increase the number of jobs the average resident can reach within an hour of their front door by 51%
  • Promote Equitable Public Transportation Access
    • Put more than 40% of residents and more than 50% of job sites within 1/2 mile of a high frequency route
    • Increase job access for Residents Without Cars by 53%
    • Increase job access for Low-Income Residents by 60%
    • Increase job access for Residents of Color by 68%
    • More than double the number of people and jobs that are near service that comes every 30 minutes or better all day

Why do we need this initiative?

Like many transit systems across the country, Suffolk County is facing unprecedented challenges such as declining ridership, escalating operating costs, a large and diverse service area and limited funding. The Reimagine Transit initiative will address these challenges and help the County better align its transit service with larger community goals and priorities.

How is this different from the Suffolk County Mobility Study?

Reimagine Transit is a follow-up initiative to the Suffolk County Mobility Study, which evaluated the County’s transit challenges, including declining ridership, escalating operating costs, and a lack of diverse transit options. The Mobility Study identified the challenges, while this initiative will actually map alternatives for a new transit network and allow everyone to consider the key trade-offs involved in allocating service across the County.

How is this different from the Bus Rapid Transit projects?

Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is a bus-based public transport system designed to combine the capacity and speed of a train with the flexibility, lower cost and simplicity of a bus system. Currently, Suffolk County is studying BRT improvements for NYS Route 110. BRT improvements to this corridor will require longer-term funding to build special lanes or stations for the BRT services. Reimagine Transit is about the entire transit network across the County and how it could be changed within the next year, including moving routes to different streets or changing some routes to on-demand services.

How will the county ensure that a diverse set of county residents provide input?

Suffolk County has gathered the input of a diverse set of county residents since the start of the Reimagine Transit Initiative in September 2020. Through public meetings and in-person and online surveys, both the Draft New Network and Final New Network were shaped by the input of residents.

For example, in the Final New Network, Suffolk County reintroduced Route 62 from Smith Haven Mall to Riverhead via Sound Avenue, added service from Babylon to Wyandanch to Walt Whitman Mall via Five Towns College and increase service frequency between Smith Haven Mall and Hauppauge, among other changes, based upon public feedback on the previous Draft New Network.

As the Final New Network is rolled-out, Suffolk County will continue to be committed to make Suffolk County residents’ bus system work for them by encouraging a wide range of input. At the present time, please contact or call (631) 853-4800 with any questions or feedback. And, please check back on the Reimagine Transit website at for ongoing updates on the system’s roll-out.

How is this initiative funded?

This initiative is funded through a New York Metropolitan Transportation Council (NYMTC) Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP) Grant. NYMTC is the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the Long Island region and develops UPWPs to make use of federal funds for transportation planning.

Where can I find more information about Suffolk County buses or report a problem with the existing bus service?

Please visit the Suffolk County Transit webpage to find more information on Suffolk County Transit. For any questions, suggestions, or complaints, please call Suffolk County Transit Information Services at 631.852.5200, Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm or write to Suffolk County Transit, 335 Yaphank Avenue, Yaphank, NY 11980.

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